Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Transducers

for the Detection of Gas Bubbles

The undisturbed flow of a medium without air or gas pockets is required, for example, in metering and bottling systems or in medical applications.

One method of bubble detection is the propagation time measurement by ultrasonic technology.

The measurement of the propagation time is based on alternate transmission and reception of ultrasonic pulses in and against the direction of flow. The sensor performs noncontact detection of air and gas bubbles in the liquid through the tube wall, and thus allows continuous quality monitoring. Two piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers work as transmitter and receiver.

Ultrasound Technology in Medical Technology and Industry

The application possibilities are in the medical, pharmaceutical and food technology fields. The sensors are used to monitor dialysis machines, infusion pumps or transfusions.

In medical technology, air bubble detectors (ABD) ensure bubble-free infusions or bubble-free flow in heart-lung machines. With suitable shielding of the electronics, non-magnetic piezo technology can even be used in extreme environments, such as in the field of magnetic resonance tomographs.

Air Bubble Detector
Bubble-free infusions thanks to reliable control (Image: SONOTEC Ultraschallsensorik Halle GmbH)

Examples of industrial applications include control technology, such as the monitoring of dosing and filling machines.

  • Flexible, compact designs: Rings, disks, small plates
  • Variable strokes, high force generation and acceleration
  • No friction, no maintenance, no wear
  • Cost-effective: Large-scale piezo element production


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