PI Ceramic develops and produces und high-quality piezoceramic materials as well as piezo components to be used as actuators or sensors.

As manufacturer of piezoceramics, PI Ceramic offers piezo actuators, piezo composites and complete system solutions for research and industry in high-tech markets worldwide.

With experience, know-how and highly flexible technological processes, PI Ceramic reliably meets customer- and application-specific demands and reacts quickly to the market's requirements.

All key technologies and the tools required for the production of piezo ceramics are available in-house.

PI Ceramic gives insights into piezo technology and explains the characteristics of piezo ceramics, piezo actuators and piezo composites. Detailed drawings, diagrams and calculations of the actuators' reliability and lifetime illustrate the high performance of piezoceramic components.

Discover more about the broad range of production technologies, from ceramic powders to component assembly.

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News and Announcements

New Material PIC184


Hard Material for Power Ultrasound

PI Ceramic successfully launches a new piezo material in OEM high-power ultrasound applications. The ceramic material PIC184 is based on modified lead zirconate titanate (PZT) and is one of the ferro-electrically hard piezo materials.

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Ring Actuator with New Dimensions


Expanded Standard Dimensions of Round PICMA® Multilayer Piezo Actuators

They are now available in the lengths 8.5 mm, 16 mm or 36 mm and provide travel ranges of 5.5 µm to 25 µm. Their outer diameter is 8 mm with a 4.5 mm diameter of the inner hole.

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PICMA® Actuators with Improved Heat Dissipation


For Dynamic Applications in a Tough Environment

In extreme operating conditions, where oil, splash water or continuously high humidity prevail, the stainless steel encapsulated multilayer piezo actuators ensure the required reliability and lifetime.

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Featured Facts

New Spray Drying Tower at PI Ceramic

Material Preparation with Spray Drying

Producing a compressible granulate is an important step in material preparation, because the granulate is the basic material for the piezo components made by pressing technology. For producing  this granulate in an even better quality and at larger quantities, PI Ceramic now put a new spray drying tower into operation. 

This spay drying tower has a significantly larger volume than the previous spray drying installation. Due to this fact, the evaporation performance is increased and the material throughput during spray drying is 3 to 4 times higher. The spray drying process reaches a capacity of approx. 1000 kg/day. In addition, the flowability of the granulate is increased considerably, which in turn simplifies the further processing to pressing compacts.

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Vertical Integration

PI Ceramic uses a deep vertical integration that starts already with the processing of carefully selected raw materials. All materials are developed and processed in-house, before they are transformed in individual production lines into high-quality piezo components, piezo actuators, and, at a higher integration level, into sensor components, for example.

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