PI Ceramic develops and produces und high-quality piezoceramic materials as well as piezo components to be used as actuators or sensors.

As manufacturer of piezoceramics, PI Ceramic offers piezo actuators, piezo composites and complete system solutions for research and industry in high-tech markets worldwide.

With experience, know-how and highly flexible technological processes, PI Ceramic reliably meets customer- and application-specific demands and reacts quickly to the market's requirements.

All key technologies and the tools required for the production of piezo ceramics are available in-house.

PI Ceramic gives insights into piezo technology and explains the characteristics of piezo ceramics, piezo actuators and piezo composites. Detailed drawings, diagrams and calculations of the actuators' reliability and lifetime illustrate the high performance of piezoceramic components.

Discover more about the broad range of production technologies, from ceramic powders to component assembly.


News and Announcements

Piezo Actuators – The First Choice for Reliability


100 Billion Cycles Without Failures or Loss in Performance

The service life and reliability of piezo actuators strongly depends on the environmental conditions at the site of application. Humidity, temperature and operating voltage are of considerable influence. The answer lies in optimized materials and manufacturing processes, appropriate design and the choice of suitable insulation.

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Lead-Free Piezo Ceramic Material Successful in First Industrial Applications


Successful in First Industrial Applications

PIC700 material is a lead-free ceramic material now successfully employed by PI Ceramic in first industrial applications.

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Hard Ceramic Material PIC144


For Even Better Ultrasonic Performance

PI Ceramic has developed yet another piezo material based on lead-zirconate-titanate (PZT). PIC144 belongs to the ferro-electrical hard materials and is designed specifically for use in OEM high-power ultrasonic applications.

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Featured Facts

Ultrasonic Sensors – Highly Sensitive and Silent


From measuring heat quantities or flow rates through nondestructive materials testing, level and vibration measurement to infusion and dialysis monitoring:

Ultrasonic sensors make many everyday processes easier and safer.

Ultrasound is sound with frequencies above the human hearing range, starting at around 16 kHz. Since ultrasound spreads in solids, liquids or gases, it can be used universally. Piezoelectric transducers generate and detect ultrasonic waves and process them – a process which is called electromechanical conversion. They are therefore the active element in ultrasonic sensors. 

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